Help Build Our Multi-Use Barn


This year, we are determined to finish the rest of the building tasks. This includes installing flooring in the gathering hall, installing a fully accessible bathroom and bedroom on the first floor, finishing plastering and painting throughout the building, window trims, finishing the exterior siding, and other miscellaneous tasks.  Also, we are dedicated to installing solar panels so that our retreat center runs off of renewable energy!

It’s amazing that we are doing all the building with our own hands!  With over 50 volunteers working together to help build, the Barn is truly a community work of art.

Last year, we raised $92,000 which covered the majority of all of our building.  Our building costs ran $20,000 more than expected for contracted labor (electrical, well and septic installations), and an additional $12,000 of our initial construction budget was spent to furnish the bedrooms, hall and kitchen for retreats during the summer.

Now, to finish the building, we need to raise $26,000 by next year. Here is the breakdown:

Interior:  $9,540
– This includes window trim,  woodstove, bamboo flooring in the gathering hall,  accessible bathroom and bedroom on first floor (shower, sink, tiles, toilet, etc.) plaster, paint, room heaters, etc

Exterior: $3,100
– This includes siding, gathering hall door, hall window, drainage gravel, topsoil, paint, entry roof extension, etc.

Construction Supervising labor: $4,000
– We depend on expertise and project management to guide volunteers

Repay Building Loans: $8,000
– We took out loans to pay for necessary building costs, including furnishing the interior of the building

Your donations are received with deep gratitude and will be put to use immediately to help manifest this space that will become the hub of much activity!


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