We welcome visitors at Morning Sun.

First-time visitors are encouraged to come to a scheduled retreat if possible (you can find them here). That allows us to meet you in a practice setting. However, we can welcome visitors other times as well. We recommend coming only for a weekend for your first visit.  After having visited once, you can be invited for a longer stay.

Visitors participate in community life, including daily practice sessions, mindful meals and working meditation. There are several possible accommodations, from simple camping sites (bring your own tent) to various indoor spaces – including a bed in a yurt, a cabin, or a guest room in a resident home.

Visitors are asked to make a contribution for their food and lodging, ranging from $25-$40/day depending on your choice of beds.

If you are registering for a scheduled retreat on the event calendar, you do not need to fill out the form below.  If you would like to visit at any other time, please use the form below to schedule your stay.


MorningSun Visiting Request Form



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