The Compassionate Heart Pavilion

Dear Friends, we have met our fundraising goal for building the Pavilion!  Yay!

The purpose of the Compassionate Heart Hall is to enable MorningSun Mindfulness Center to serve more people by providing a gathering space that is larger than any we currently have, and to offer some protection from difficult weather conditions. With the number of people attending daily and longer events steadily increasing, we recognized the need for a large gathering space several years ago. Covid-19 has magnified that need.

MorningSun has held many Days of Mindfulness, retreats and special events outdoors, in part to accommodate the number of practitioners attending. However, being outdoors, subject to the whims of the weather, and with little or no protection from the elements, is impractical and unsustainable. We were successful in not spreading Covid-19 during our gatherings so far, gratefully, and we wish to continue holding outdoor activities whenever possible, to support the health and well-being of the larger community, and to accommodate all the people who wish to attend.

The Compassionate Heart Pavilion will allow us to hold gatherings in the fresh air while also having some protection from the weather and insects. It will accommodate 70 people, seated, or 35 socially distanced. The Compassionate Heart Hall will be tucked into a clearing in the woodlands near to Blueberry Pond, easily accessible from the Circle Garden and the Forest Hall.

The Compassionate Heart Hall is part of our vision of offering space to people of all backgrounds and needs, where they can take care of themselves, connect, learn, build local community, and meditate. The pavilion will serve many functions: small group meetings; large gatherings for meditation and discussion; eating and washing up; play and resting area for children; and any special activities associated with themed retreats, such as writing, creating art, music, etc.



We hope to enjoy a mosquito-free tea with you this summer in the Compassionate Heart Pavilion.


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