Courageous Healing into Connection

Bringing Mindful Speech to Life Level 2 Retreat (online)

November 13 @ 7:00 pm – November 15 @ 3:00 pm

We invite you to join longtime practitioners from the tradition of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, and certified Nonviolent Communication Trainers for this special retreat. People who have either completed Bringing Mindful Speech to Life or an NVC Level 1 Course are encouraged to apply.

This retreat is intended to support people who know the basic NVC form to dive deeper into practice. Our instructional time will be crafted into experiences intended to use what we already know of NVC and take it to a new level of understanding and skillfulness. 

The human mind is a wonder. The Buddha had the capacity to look deeply and develop insights into how to use this wonder as an instrument of compassion and loving kindness.  We can too.

Neuroscience and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) can enhance our Mindfulness practice by providing specific strategies for using the whole brain, the attributes of both the left & right hemispheres, in harmony toward our empathic natures.

Themes we are likely to explore include ~ requests; broadening our skill in Empathy/Warm Accompaniment; hearing people’s humanity even when we disagree; expanding our willingness for dialogue.

Our NVC experience will be embedded within the container of our Plum Village Mindfulness Practice.  We will engage in sitting, walking, eating and deep relaxation meditations.  We will nurture ourselves and each other with Noble Silence in between our teaching sessions.  

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the causes & conditions are not favorable for meeting in person, so the retreat will be offered through Zoom in a modified form.

Our teachers:  Peggy Smith and Theodate Lawlor

Peggy & Theodate have joyfully co-led Bringing Mindful Speech to Life for ten years.  Peggy (True Moon Form) is a certified NVC trainer and Dharma teacher in the Plum Village tradition.  Theodate (True Land of Joy) is a co-founder of several Plum Village sanghas.  Theodate is a long time Order of Interbeing member.


The retreat will be from Friday, November 13th in the evening, to Sunday, November 15th, in the afternoon.

This is a small retreat and spaces are limited. Booking early is highly suggested as the retreat will likely sell out. The intimate nature of this small retreat size is so that we can be connected through the electronic screens. Registration will likely be closed well before the retreat begins. We have the capacity for 20 participants.

Due to the nature of the communication exercises during the retreat, each individual is asked to register separately (couples must register each person separately).

You will receive confirmation of your space upon registration and receipt of payment. In the weeks leading up to the retreat you will receive other details and information about the schedule. 

(Registration Form is below)

Dana is not included in the registration fee. Our teachers are offering this retreat from the depths of the hearts, as they are professional teachers. Any dana is warmly and deeply appreciated, helpful, and meaningful, from small to large amounts. It is a concrete way we can contribute to the livelihoods and practices of our teachers and friends on the path.

Scholarships are available, please feel encouraged to apply on the registration form. We are committed to our retreats being as accessible as possible.

NVC Retreat Nov. 13-15 2020 Registration Form

NVC Retreat Nov 13-15 2020

Plan to attend online activities beginning at 5pm on Friday through 2pm on Sunday.
Please confirm that you have completed a NVC Level One training (or its equivalent) before continuing: *

Program Contribution

(sliding scale) Please choose according to your means.

Dana (generosity)

Beyond the program contribution (which covers administration of the event) we ask for an additional contribution to directly support the retreat teachers. They guide and support the retreat in the spirit of selfless giving, to benefit all people, and they depend on this generosity for their livelihood. Our generosity also allows them to continue offering their service in the future. With a financial contribution we recognize that learning to bring mindfulness and compassion into our lives, and into our work, is one of the most important things we can do in the world.
Please consider making a contribution that is both substantially supportive to our facilitators and is one you can afford.

As a guide for an appropriate contribution, many people give between $50-100 for similar events.

Total Cost

If this total is too much for you to afford, you may request financial assistance by checking the Financial Assistance Request box below. If you have already completed a Financial Assistance Application and received confirmation of your award please check the Financial Assistance Award box below.
What level of assistance are you requesting?
If you require more than a 40% reduction, please skip to the link at the bottom of the page labelled "Financial Assistance Application". (Do not continue with this registration form.)
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