Mindfulness Center

The MorningSun Mindfulness Center is always striving to develop new paths for mindful and compassionate living. Our programs build skills founded on each participant’s capacity to live and work from a place of peace and clarity within themselves.  We strive to send program participants out into the world as inspired and stable people; capable of offering effective, fulfilling and healing action to the world.

  • Daily sittings
  • Weekly Days of Mindfulness
  • Mindful Living Weekends
  • Seasonal festivals
  • Meditation retreats
  • Wake up retreats
  • Family and Parenting programs
  • Climate and social change workshops

Programs with a Solid Ground for Transformation and Healing

Through our shared practice of meditation and mindfulness practices for all moments and situations of daily life, we strive to be a resource for people working to create a better world by sharing practices that can build peace, and develop vital and thriving relationships between individuals, families, organizations and the Earth.

Through an active and caring relationship to people, animals, plants and soils in the region, we are examining our actual needs and our desire for comfort, and changing our patterns of consumption, in order to develop sustainable and even regenerative livelihoods and lifestyles.  When we are truly happy, we need very little, and our time and energy can go towards serving others.

All of this comes together in the unique programming that MorningSun provides bringing a spiritual dimension to the work of developing a sustainable culture for people of all ages.

Foundation for Learning

Mindfulness:  Our programs are based on a training and practice of mindfulness in all daily events.  Mindfulness allows us to be present with and understand what is happening in and around us in each moment without bias and judgment. Mindfulness supports stress reduction, mediation and conflict resolution, anger management, and turns ordinary mundane moments into sacred and meaningful experiences.

Understanding:  In MorningSun mindfulness is coupled with the cultivation of the insight of interbeing.  We are able to discover ourselves as a part of the miracle of life.  Each moment is a moment to breathe, walk, speak and act as an important part of all of Life!

Compassion:  “Your happiness is my happiness, and my happiness is also yours.  Your suffering is my suffering, and my suffering is also yours.”   The insight of interbeing allows us to explore specific issues and challenges of ecological and social sustainability from a place of non-discriminative wisdom, a wisdom which works for the happiness of all, not a select few.  It is a wisdom that works for the transformation of everyone’s suffering; that grows a kindness and generosity to benefit all.  The health and sustainability of the world depends on our capacity to relate to one another harmoniously.

Learning Environment

All courses are facilitated by a resident and visiting staff of professional educators, and include (as either a focus or as a background):

  • An experience of an intergenerational staff community practicing mindful and sustainable living;
  • Opportunities for practical experience on the demonstration ecological campus, organic farm and/or in the craft workshops;
  • A beautiful natural setting that nourishes an authentic and wonder-filled connection with nature;
  • Guidance and participation in a daily practice of mindfulness as a foundation for living and learning.

Developing a Year Round Campus

We are currently hosting programs mainly in the warmer season, with camping as the primary accommodation.  We are in the process of designing the campus of the Mindfulness Center.  Once retreat center facilities are up, year-round programming will become part of daily life in the community.

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