Talks by MorningSun Teachers

Michael Ciborski

Dharmateacher in the Buddhist tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh

Visit Michael’s Website: for more information on upcoming retreats and events.

In addition to supporting the life and practice of MorningSun, Michael’s practice offerings are many:

  • Guiding workshops and retreats in mindfulness practice and meditation around the country;
  • Actively developing tools and programs for mindful parenting and family life;
  • Dharma consultations, mentoring, and conflict mediation;
  • Support and facilitation of blessings and ceremonies for sacred and important times of transition (such as baby blessings, marriages, blessing a new or sacred space, and ceremonies for the deceased).
  • Sharing meditation, music and chanting through CD’s and workshops for “Opening the Voice”

Foundation of Happiness, a talk by Michael Ciborski at Rothko Chapel, Houston TX 

Listen to audio of a talk on the Four Establishments of Mindfulness and Looking Deeply by Michael Ciborski in Asheville, NC – April 11th 2013 (click the links below):

MCiborski in Asheville NC PART ONE Michael Ciborski in Asheville, NC PART ONE-29 min.

MCiborski in Asheville NC PART TWO Michael Ciborski in Asheville, NC PART TWO-23 min.

Tim Ambrose Desmond

Teacher, psychotherapist and author on mindfulness and self compassion

Visit his website:

A Schedule of Tim’s workshops can be found at: (events organized by PESI)

Co-founder of Morning Sun Mindfulness Center, he lives in Alstead, NH, and teaches mindfulness and self-compassion practices to professional and popular audiences around the world. He has presented at hundreds of conferences and seminars, including at Yale Medical School, the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium, and the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy. His publications include Self-Compassion in Psychotherapy (W.W.Norton, 2015) and The Self-Compassion Skills Workbook (W.W.Norton, 2017).

Talk from Memorial Day Retreat in Ukiah – Ambrose Desmond

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