Welcome to MorningSun

Morning Sun is a Mindfulness Practice Center and multigenerational community in the Plum Village tradition. Our mission is to practice, develop, and share the capacity to live in peaceful and harmonious relationship with ourselves, other people, organizations, and with the Earth.

Ongoing Practice Schedule

We USUALLY host a Day of Mindfulness every Sunday.  HOWEVER, for February and March 2015 we will only have Days of Mindfulness on Sunday February 22nd, and Sunday March 29th.
Please arrive at 9:45 for a 10am sitting meditation. We will have sitting meditation, outdoor walking meditation, practice guidance and sharing and a vegetarian potluck meal until 2pm. Sign up for our Weekly E-Letter for details and updates of our practice schedule.

We are excited to begin a relationship with the Keene Yoga Center.  We will lead a class on Fridays from 5:15-6:45 pm. For details click here.

The evening will include stretching, relaxation, teachings, discussion and guided meditation.  It will cover Thich Nhat Hanh’s core teachings on the miracle of mindfulness and how the practice can help to:

  • Nourish ourselves ~ experiencing more freshness, joy and contentment
  • Look deeply into how and why we suffer, and develop tools for transformation
  • Better understand and communicate with our loved ones
  • Strengthen a deeper connection to life, cultivating non-fear and peace

Morning Sun Wish List

If you want to support MorningSun with specific items, you can visit our Wish List.

An Introduction to MorningSun

We are so grateful for the permanent home of MorningSun, 240 acres of beautiful land in the southwest corner of New Hampshire. Granite boulders rising out of hills and shallow valleys. Streams meandering through birch, maple and beech forest. Small lakes housing turtles, fish, beavers, frogs and dozens of other species. Rose quartz, feldspar and mica sparkling in the sunlight. Ospreys and herons soaring overhead. The sound of wind and birdsong rising and falling with the inhale and exhale of the living organism that is our new home.

MorningSun was founded as a response to the many challenges of modern society. Consumerism, climate change, faltering economy and education systems, and violence in its many forms (domestic, sexual, racial prejudice, terrorism and war) – all the imbalances and life-denying priorities that seem to characterize mass society. These issues can be overwhelming.  They can seem insurmountable. They can cause us much stress, suffering and despair.  However, with a stable foundation of peace and clarity in our minds, hearts and bodies, and the strength of togetherness and community, we are able to understand more deeply and find new and skillful responses that can help us to transform.

Through our shared practice of meditation and mindfulness practices for all moments and situations of daily life, we strive to  be a resource for people working to create a better world by sharing practices that can create peace and harmony, and develop vital and thriving relationships between individuals, organizations and the Earth.

Through an active and caring relationship to people, animals, plants and soils in the region, we are examining our actual needs and comforts, and changing our patterns of consumption, in order to develop sustainable and even regenerative livelihoods and lifestyles.

All of this comes together in the unique programming that MorningSun provides bringing a spiritual dimension to the work of developing a sustainable culture for people of all ages.

We do not believe we have all the answers. Rather, we aim to be constantly learning and developing new practices that better meet the needs of our world. We hope that through experimenting with ways of living and practicing together, we will be able to contribute toward the creation of a peaceful, just and ecologically balanced world.

Our community is small and rural, located in southwest New Hampshire. While we live in a beautiful place, we are not removed from the suffering of the world. We can see that the roots of all of society’s problems exist as seeds within each of us and that any community will have to face them. We aspire to use our community life as a laboratory to experiment and develop new practices in creating and maintaining dynamic harmony.

Our community’s strength and happiness come from a simple, mindful life of shared practice. Time in nature. Our relationships with one another. And our determination to steadily grow our awareness of all that connects us, rather than that which might divide us. We aspire to use our practice to take care of our relationships and learn from the inevitable conflicts that are part of being in relationship.

Our intention is to invite all who wish to experience a different way of being to come and practice with us, whether that is for a day of mindfulness, community weekend, retreat, or for a lifetime in our residential community.

We are currently hosting programs mainly in the warmer season, with camping as the primary accommodation.  We have already received preliminary enthusiastic approval of our residential and education center plans from the town, and are in the process of finalizing the design of the community and buildings. If you want to help with this aspect, please click on one of the support links on the left. Once retreat center facilities are up, year-round programming will become part of daily life in the community.

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