2019-2020 NEWSLETTER

Dear Friends,
We hope you enjoy these slide shows and glimpses into what’s been happening at MorningSun.

You are invited to join MorningSun for an Online Day of Mindfulness Solstice Celebration
Dec. 20, 2020 1pm – 4:30pm
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MorningSun has become a year round Retreat Center!

13 New Retreats Offered 

With the opening of our new community center, the “Barn”, we are truly entering a new phase in the growth of MorningSun. We can now welcome guests and offer programing year round.

Friends can now come to Morning Sun for retreats and days of practice and have the comforts of a home! The Barn can accommodate up to 14 people, with three bathrooms, two showers, a kitchen and a gathering room.

In the eight months that our new community building was open before Covid, we offered 13 more retreats than the year before! We also enjoyed the company of long-term guests in the Barn. With the new retreats, frequent guests and our own regular practices, we could feel the continuous stream of practice life flowing throughout the campus.

Supporting Regional Practice

It is our aspiration to support a strong regional practice community with programs such as:

  • Mindful Living Weekends, which happen once a month, invite guests to join us for a weekend of practice. Weekends include our new Meditation and Renewal Day and evening tea meditation on Saturday, and our Order of Interbeing Day on Sunday.
    • The quiet gentle pace and small size of these weekends create an intimate and peaceful experience. People have shared that Morning Sun feels like a second home, a spiritual family.
  • Sangha Visits invite Sanghas to practice at MorningSun as a group, to enliven their practice and to deepen their connections. In their free time Sangha members can enjoy activities such as hiking the beautiful forest trails or canoeing together.
  • The Northern New England Regional Retreat, which is held in Vermont, has become a wonderful event, full of warmth and deep concentration, where we can experience our larger regional community and build new friendships.
    • Last year the retreat was capped at 75 people, with a waiting list. This year it will be offered online. We are excited to be one of the Sanghas to support this retreat.

Gratitude for the 2019-20 Fundraising Campaign to Finish the Barn

We would like to offer our deep gratitude to everyone who contributed to the 2019-20 fundraising campaign. Together we raised more than $29,000 to help finish the Barn.

A special thank you to David Viafora who spearheaded the campaign and Jeronima Vacca-Carral who did the video production.

The New Administrative Team

Thanks to many generous donations, we have been able to hire a part-time administrative team to support our work behind the scenes here at MorningSun.

This has been a huge step forward for us. This small team of both paid and volunteer friends now looks after organizational and administrative details, helping us to function smoothly, and supporting our connections and shared visions.

All your friends here at MorningSun wish you well. Together may we enjoy the treasures of this season, quiet space inside, like the winter night sky, and warmth in our heart, like a cozy fire.

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