Our First Summer Wedding

Gathered at the water’s edge on Blueberry Pond we witnessed the joining of Mikki Pugh and Andrew Davis in marriage.

Their beautiful ceremony included a walking meditation, water blessing, shared promises and a poem by Thay.

We wish them joy and health in this new phase of their lives.

Knowing your eyes are impermanent,
I enjoy them without trying to make them last forever,
without trying to hold onto or record them or make them mine.
Loving your eyes, I remain free.
There are so many things I love-
your eyes, the blue sky,
your voice, the birds in the trees,
your smile, and the butterflies on the flowers.
I learn each moment to be a better lover.
Reverence is the nature of my love.

Excerpts from Love Poem by Thich Nhat Hanh


“Celebrating our marriage surrounded by the loving community at MorningSun was the greatest gift we could have received. What a beautiful way to start our new life together!” – Mikki Pugh (bride)



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