Building a Wake Up Center

Last summer a group of Wake Up practitioners (young adults ages 18-35) formed a team and began putting their enthusiastic hearts and minds together to envision how to build a “Wake Up Center” at MorningSun. This center would be a place where young adults stay for a length of time to deepen their practice and to participate in several service oriented programs, working together to support MorningSun and also other young adults in the region, including Wake Up groups on campuses in the region.

We know that putting our love and attention into supporting future generations like this is a true gift to our world, helping to build a healthier, brighter and more peaceful future for our society. We invite feedback from our larger community to help envision the Wake Up Center, and plan to start fundraising in early 2017. With supportive conditions and committed hearts, we hope to start building in 2018! Fulfilling this dream will only be possible with the support of our larger spiritual community.

Share thoughts with us, contribute your energy, and get involved through this email:

Read more about the project here.

With joy and deep gratitude for your support,

The Wake Up MorningSun Team

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