MorningSun is Supporting SuSu Healing Collective

All donations collected in conjunction with our Online Day of Mindfulness June 21st 2020 will be forwarded to Susu Collective’s BIPOC Land and Food Sovereignty Fund

DONATE HERE: (A suggested range is between $20-$100)

Feel free to include a note or message for SUSU with your donation, we will share it with them for you.

SUSU Healing Collective, based in Southern Vermont, has a mission to offer an affirming space for people to practice community reciprocity; The act of giving from a place of abundance and receiving  from a place of deep love and reverence while learning how to engage in community practices that dismantle systems of oppression and build systems of health, healing, wellness, and magic. The SUSU centers the voices, healing, and experiences of Black, Indigenous, People of Color and is committed to creating safer spaces for people to release trauma patterns of white supremacy, oppression, colonization, and westernized disconnection. We offer programs for all people who are ready and willing to begin or continue the path of transformation through accountability, connection, and spiritual practice. 

Read a little about their vision for the BIPOC Land and Food Sovereignty Fund

“Visioning a sustainable, food secure future for our people, we are looking for ways to cultivate food ourselves. A future where Black and brown people in Vermont can come together to live, heal and thrive. 
Which to us, means purchasing land for farming, gardening and intergenerational healing. 

A space that is stewarded by Black and brown people, a place of safety, connection, and healing.

Our vision is to build healing and nourishing spaces for our people and our children in the here and now but our vision is long-range as we look to the future. A future where food sovereignty is guaranteed to the next generations of Black and brown people in Vermont.”

We are almost to our original goal of raising $50,000 ($36,000 of which is being allocated to the purchase of future land for BIPOC farmers in VT and $14,00 of which was used to purchase CSA’s for our people!). We are so grateful for the way our commUNITY is coming together to support us and we have some AMAZING things in the works right now! We are hoping to secure land in a way that will allow us to put most of our resources into the creation of programming and food for our people. With this vision we have decided to increase our goal to $400,000 WOAH we know! Big dreams, but we truly believe in the wisdom and guidance of our ancestors and the support of our commUNITY to make this happen! We hope that this will allow us to purchase land either with a structure or with enough resources to build a structure for our programming, commUNTIY and future SUSU along with the other things that come along with this (lawyer fees, farming equipment and supplies, building and repairs, etc.) will you help us build black futures and create a Vermont where Black lives more than matter? We truly believe these kinds of visions are only possible in commUNITY and we are so excited and grateful for what the future holds for our people!

Please DONATE if you have the resources too and SHARE! Both are equally helpful and needed and YOU are the reason why this vision is coming to life!<33

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