Help Finish the Barn!

$26,000     Construction costs
$13,000     Solar Installation costs
$20,000     Administrative costs
$59,000 Total Campaign Goal

DONATE HERE (click here to be redirected to the donation page of our website – the GoFundMe part of our campaign is closed)

Dear friends, we’re almost finished!  Last year we raised enough money to nearly complete our first retreat center facility at MorningSun Community, the Barn. The Barn is allowing us to move from summer-only programming to retreats throughout the year.  This past summer and fall, we’ve already held our first retreats inside!


Last year, with all of your incredible support, we built and fully furnished 5 gorgeous bedrooms, three bathrooms, a functional kitchen, and a gathering hall!   The bedrooms and entire upstairs have ecologically harvested bamboo flooring, and look gorgeous!   Our kitchen has beautiful wood counter tops, an industrial grade stove, and a full sized fridge. We installed a well (500 feet deep!), installed a septic system, and brought electricity lines out several hundred feet from the neighborhood. People have been staying in the cozy bedrooms and we are using the gathering hall during days of mindfulness and retreats.


Over the summer, we held our first retreats in the Barn, starting with an Educators Retreat!  This was followed by a young adult Wake Up retreat, a Family retreat, and another family weekend retreat in the fall. We started offering monthly mindful living weekend retreats, and people are enjoying the opportunity to deepen in practice.  Local Sanghas are invited to come share a weekend retreat together, under the care and support of MorningSun staff and teachers. Many more retreats are scheduled throughout 2020 because people can stay year round in the Barn!

We are deeply grateful for the community’s financial and voluntary support to help make this building possible! Our dream of a full retreat center that offers mindfulness programming throughout the year for many hundreds of people has become a reality!



This year, we are determined to finish the rest of the building tasks. This includes installing flooring in the gathering hall, installing a fully accessible bathroom and bedroom on the first floor, finishing plastering and painting throughout the building, window trims, finishing the exterior siding, and other miscellaneous tasks.  Also, we are dedicated to installing solar panels so that our retreat center runs off of renewable energy! 


It’s amazing that we are doing all the building with our own hands!  With over 50 volunteers working together to help build, the Barn is truly a community work of art.

Now we just need your support to help us complete the next steps so we can finish the Barn by next year. Your support will give us the material support and motivational burst of energy to keep working and finish this thing!


DONATE HERE (click here to be redirected to the donation page of our website – the GoFundMe part of our campaign is closed)

Special thanks to Jeronima Carral for the amazing video editing work she offered to make this video possible! 

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