Building the Barn: a multi-use work and meeting space

We are building a multi-purpose barn, thanks to the volunteer labor and fundraising efforts of friends throughout the region!

In particular we want to thank Joyce Solomon, Janey Gilman and David Arond who have initiated fundraising efforts after feeling deeply nourished by Morning Sun and seeing the real need for indoor space.

The barn will provide workshop space, indoor bathrooms and a summer kitchen.

We are raising the funds as we build, so each donation allows us to go to the store and buy the next “ingredient” we need.

Next We Need Support For:

  • Windows
  • Insulation
  • Plumbing and electric
  • Wood stove
  • Well and Septic for Water Supply and Usage

Your Donations are received with deep gratitude and will be put to use immediately to help manifest this space that will become the hub of much activity!



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